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To multiply whitebeam

Flourberry multiply – different methods in comparison

The whitebeam enjoys great popularity not least because of its colourfulness. The easy-care plant can be adapted to different...

Cultivate Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus care – tips for the right location and for casting & fertilizing

Christmas Cactus Care - Tips for the right location as well as for casting & ... Do you need to fertilize the Christmas cactus - or is the casting sufficient?

Store tomatoes

Store tomatoes – 8 clever tips

Tomatoes have high season in summer. They often grow faster than they can be eaten. Proper storage determines the enjoyment and shelf life of delicious tomatoes. Tomatoes are among the most popular types of vegetables of...

Maintain blood flower

Blood flower care – so the houseplant thrives as healthy as possible

Flower flowers convince with their flowers and can be easily planted. Moreover, they are not particularly demanding in terms of their care. Flower lovers are more than gladly used by many lovers as a houseplant...

Plant torch lily

Cultivate torch lily – for the most beautiful blooms in summer

If you have planted your torch lily in the right location, you will save a lot of work on the care. We’ll show you what you still need to keep in mind. Torch lilies (Kniphofia)...

Pool border ideas - wood

Pool border: 6 ideas for a stylish look at the pool

Wood and tiles are the most common materials used as pool surrounds. There are other possibilities that even create a significant reduction in workload. Lie by the pool, dangle your legs in the water and...

Wooden Decking - Overview and Comparison

WPC decking: An overview of the advantages of the boards

In recent years, a terrace material has found many lovers: the WPC decking. What advantages they offer, we have listed here once. Terrace and balcony surfaces are nowadays covered with a variety of materials, with...

Harvested rosehips

Harvest and utilize rosehips

Rosehips can be harvested and used to make jam, jelly and more. So your roses can shine a second time after flowering. Rosehips, the fruits of roses , are an important food source for animals of all...

Bean seedlings


General Sowing is a generative, ie sexual, type of propagation in which the new plant is extracted from a seed. With this type of propagation, most plants in nature ensure their offspring and survival. In the seeds, the...

forest goatee

Forest goat beard – species, use, care and propagation

With the forest goat beard get a very robust perennial in the garden. He makes no great demands on the care and can easily multiply. The forest goat beard (bot. Aruncus dioicus) is a long-lived...