Wooden garden furniture – 5 care tips

Wooden garden furniture needs a little care
Wooden garden furniture needs a little care
© hrohmann – pixabay

Wooden garden furniture – They are particularly popular because they look just a lot nicer than the usual and available in any hardware store plastic furniture . Especially popular with these furniture are teak furniture.

These are more vulnerable and you have to treat them differently than plastic, that’s clear. You should pay attention to the following care tips in order to have a long-term benefit:

  1. Wooden furniture can be wiped off with a damp cloth at any time.
  2. For a thorough cleaning, especially in autumn, before storage in winter quarters, you should clean all furniture with a soapy water. Do not use any sharp cleaning agents!
  3. Storage should not be too cool or under any circumstances where it is wet. Covering with a tarpaulin is not recommended, as mold can form here.
  4. When spring lures outside and the furniture is removed, it should be cleaned with lukewarm water and then dried in the air.
  5. Timber furniture should also be oiled from time to time and sanded off occasionally if the surface becomes too rough.

If you pay attention, you will have good-looking wooden furniture for a long time.

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