Woods in winter – care and protection for the cold season


Normally the garden keeps a kind of hibernation in the cold season. But there are still some shrubs and shrubs that really bloom in the winter.

Woods in the winter
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The winter in Worldwide is like a surprise every year, because while it is freezing cold in other areas, temperatures in this country can still prevail over plus. Normally you leave the garden in winter time in peace, but there are woody plants that can delight us in December with their flowers. However, a little care is needed so that you can experience the “second spring” as well.

Do not buy small plants

The first thing to consider when buying winter hardy trees is the size of the plants. Small specimens are usually much cheaper, but are also much more susceptible. They do not have enough strength yet, the danger that they will take is great.

Pay attention to the correct planting time

Furthermore, you must observe the correct planting time. Although it usually means that you can always plant, except it is too dry and too hot, in young woody plants such as hibiscus , maple or beard flower , you better keep strictly to the planting in April and May.

Picture gallery: Winter Flowering

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