Tree roots from the neighboring property cause damage

Trees too high - what to do?
Trees too high - what to do?

What can be done if the tree roots of the neighboring property grow on your own and cause damage there, for example at paths or the terrace or even clog pipes?

Are you allowed to remove these roots? Does the neighbor have to do that? Does the neighbor have to pay the damages?

Time in turn:

  1. You yourself are allowed to remove the roots, but not immediately. You must first give the neighbor the opportunity to do so yourself. For this purpose, a sufficient period must be granted.
  2. If the neighbor is not active, then you can even remove the roots, but are responsible for the disposal itself.
  3. Damage caused by the tree roots, the neighbor does not have to pay. You have to do this yourself.

The question of the sufficient period is always relative. Here you can expect from about half a year. It also makes sense to wait for the hibernation of the plants, so as not to cause undue harm to the tree. Talk to your neighbor, it does a lot of work on its own.

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