Tips for the fruit harvest

harvest fruit
Do not harvest too soon
Do not harvest too soon – © Pavlofox – pixabay

Fresh fruit from the local garden is something fine. At the fruit harvest , however, there is a lot to consider in order not to damage the trees and to store the fruit properly for the winter.

  1. It is important that you do not pick apples and pears too early.
  2. Although there are different varieties, but it is easy to see when the fruit is ripe. The stalk must be easily detached from the wood when turning the fruit. So you can take the fruit directly from the tree.
  3. To avoid attracting pests, it should be removed regularly. For this it is easy if they put an old curtain or a cloth on the floor. So the fruit can fall on it and you do not need to pick up the varieties individually with your hands.
  4. In autumn fruit trees can be blended or transplanted. The transplanting of the young trees is still worthwhile, but the older ones should keep their location.
  5. In addition, then is also a good time to plant Befruchtersorten. Thus, one has crops for non-bearing trees. The woody plants, which have become very large and may not be able to support the many fruits, must be supported and tethered.

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