The seed does not work – 5 rules bring help

Sometimes the seed does not work
Sometimes the seed does not work
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Hobby gardeners always like to try their own sowing of seeds for vegetable or herb planting. In the spring eagerly sprinkled into the bed and soon noticed that little to nothing comes. The seed does not open and that can have many reasons:

  1. Give chill – Many seeds need to germinate cold. If this does not happen in the spring, the seeds do not germinate either. The solution: Place the seeds in the fridge until they germinate. This affects, for example, wild garlic.
  2. Keep animals out – seeds do not disappear from the earth through magic, but often through birds that pick them out again. Here a small scarecrow or a rattling wind chime can help.
  3. Rain washes seeds – If too much rain falls, it can flush the seeds out of the soil. Foil for spanning the seeds can help here.
  4. The soil is too dry – that too can be a reason. Keep moist, because seeds need a lot of water.
  5. Note sowing times – If you think you can sow Chinese cabbage in March and sow peas in August, then you should not be surprised if nothing grows. The sowing times should already be considered.

Five rules that are not too difficult and whose observance will certainly make for a rich harvest.

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