Store tomatoes – 8 clever tips

Store tomatoes

Tomatoes have high season in summer. They often grow faster than they can be eaten. Proper storage determines the enjoyment and shelf life of delicious tomatoes.

Store tomatoes
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Tomatoes are among the most popular types of vegetables of the Germans. In the meantime, you can buy them throughout the year because they are also grown in greenhouses. Tomatoes are also grown in the garden . In some years, the harvest is even so great that you do not even manage to process the fruits always the same or to consume.

You can store your tomatoes at home, but there are some important things to keep in mind. If the tomatoes are stored incorrectly, they lose their aroma pretty quickly.

Keep tomatoes properly

Do not store tomatoes in the fridge

You can easily store many vegetables in the fridge, and some even store them in a cool place. This is not true for tomatoes, for them, the refrigerator is the completely wrong place of storage.

Once you have bought or harvested too much tomato, the refrigerator can be used as a temporary solution in exceptional cases. However, you should then remove the tomatoes from the refrigerator two days before the intended use . Until consumption, you can then fully develop their taste again.

Tips for proper storage of tomatoes

The refrigerator is therefore only in case of emergency as a solution. Otherwise, the tomatoes are simply stored at room temperature .

Tip 1: Always take the tomatoes straight out of the packaging after purchase. Under the foil, you would quickly start to mold. It is not enough if you just remove the protective film. The tomatoes must also be taken out of the plastic bowl to allow them to breathe.

Tip 2 : Wash the tomatoes just before consumption. Otherwise, they will become jumbled and then they will not taste as tasty as before.

Tip 3: Best place the tomatoes in a basket or bowl and place them in an airy, dry and slightly darker place in the kitchen.

Tip 4: Make sure the tomatoes are never stacked on top of each other. It is better if they lie flat.

Tip 5: You can achieve a longer shelf life if you do not remove the green on vine tomatoes.

Tip 6: Store your tomatoes separately from other fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes release the gas ethene, which can lead to faster spoilage with other fruits and vegetables.

Tip 7: Tomatoes can be stored for up to a week without losing their quality and taste. If the tomatoes are not quite ripe, you can place them in a sunny spot so they can ripen a bit more . The sill would be ideal for this purpose.

Tip 8: Consume tomatoes only when they are absolutely mature. Green tomatoes contain the poisonous solanine, which can even be deadly in large quantities.

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