Planting, cultivating and storing flower bulbs properly

Planting flower bulbs tips

Flower bulbs have to be planted in the fall and never store on top of each other. These and more tips, there are in our little guide.

Planting flower bulbs tips
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Autumn is the time for flowering bulbs to be greeted by tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses in the spring. Spring flowers should not be missing in any garden and are especially good for planting borders or as a limitation of paths.

Plant in the fall

Flower bulbs are brought into the ground in the fall, which can well happen until December. However, it should not be too late, because the onions should form the first shoots before the frost. These may not look out of the onion yet, but are close to it.

Which planting depth applies to flower bulbs

Planting flower bulbs tips
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As a rule of thumb, set the planting hole about twice as deep as the flower bulbs are thick. Make sure that the floor is nice and relaxed. If not, simply loosen up the heavy soil with a little sand.

Very important: The tip of the flower bulb must point upwards!

Tip: Put flower bulbs in odd groups

You can plant the bulbs individually, but also in groups, that looks especially nice in the flowering season. It is especially natural and beautiful when the flower bulbs are planted in odd groups. For example in groups of 3 or 5. The correct planting distance can be found in the packaging.

In the spring, withered plants cut off

After flowering in spring, cut off the withered plants just above the ground and leave them for a few more weeks. This allows onions to gather forces and absorb other nutrients from the soil. Leaves and stems are removed only when they are withered.

Dispose of moldy onions

After about four weeks, the onions come out. Here you check whether the onions are still in order. Please dispose of broken, dried or moldy onions (not on the compost !).

Store bulbs cool and airy

The other onions are then stored cool and airy until the fall, ideally on a spread newspaper on the floor or on the shelf. Do not stack the onions in a box on top of each other – this promotes mold growth. Also, already infested onions can infect others. If you pay attention to it, you will enjoy the spring messenger again next spring.

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