Protect the gutter from frost and prevent consequential damage to the building

Protect the gutter from frost

A gutter can protect the facade from rainwater damage only if it does not show any signs of damage. Therefore, you should avoid freezing.

Protect the gutter from frost
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Fall is here and temperatures are already falling below freezing. Those who have not set out to prepare their garden and house for the winter should definitely do it. Not everyone will immediately think of the gutter here. But this should be prepared for the winter. Why this is so, and what tasks may arise, I explain to you in the following.

Frost sets gutter


In the cold season, temperatures are often below freezing for a long time. If water turns into ice, it expands considerably and can cause gutters and downpipes to burst or at least cause cracks. Such damage will cause water to run down the wall of the house and cause further damage in case of frost.

Prevent ice in the gutter

The best protection for the gutter is not to let ice form. First, the gutter and the downpipes should be thoroughly cleaned. A second measure may be a heater for the gutter.

Clean the gutter

The cleaning of the roof terrace should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year to remove any fallen leaves. If deciduous trees are in close proximity, the gutter should be cleared of foliage several times a year. The foliage can contribute to the fact that the rain can not run off and ultimately overflowing. As a result, the water then runs down the wall of the house – in the worst case even into the basement – and can cause damage to the masonry and even cause mold.

You can do the cleaning of the gutter and the downpipes by hand or you can rely on special equipment that you will find in the hardware store and which can make your work enormously easier. But see for yourself:

Tip: If you have cleaned the gutter, you can use a leaf guard to prevent leaves from collecting in your gutter.

Heat the gutter

Even clean gutters and downpipes can freeze. You can prevent that with a gutter heater. To heat rain gutters and downpipes, simply lay small cables or a heating tape. Depending on the type of heating and the size of the pipes, it may also be necessary to lay the cable twice. Connected regulators allow you to operate and adjust the heating.

Such heaters for the gutter are best bought in specialist shops. There you will get the information you need on different products and advice on which product makes sense for you and which is not. Because for an optimal heat dissipation, the right performance is indispensable.

Tip: Even if such heaters are in continuous operation and thus constantly require power, the operating costs are significantly cheaper than the cost of a complex renovation, which is required by a frost damage to the building.

Remedy any defects in the gutter

Before the winter breaks, you should carefully inspect the gutter and downpipes once. Because they are exposed to heat, cold, drought or moisture throughout the year. This can cause small cracks and holes through which water can escape. Thus the facade would be exposed to the water without protection. For this reason, you should eliminate the damage as soon as possible.

Close small damages with silicone

Small cracks can be sealed with silicone. Get the best in Baumark a solvent-free product and – if not yet available – also a silicone syringe.

Before you can start sealing, you need to thoroughly clean the damaged area and then dry it well so that the silicone will adhere better. Once done, you can start:

  • Apply the silicone with the syringe to the crack or the hole.
  • Distribute and smooth the silicone with a finger soaked in soapy water.

Tip: The soapy water prevents the silicone from sticking to the finger, allowing better distribution.

  • Remove the silicone residues from the gutter, so that the water can flow off optimally.

Repair the gutter with sealant

In the hardware store there is special sealant for the repair of damaged gutters. This is suitable for gutters made of very different materials such as aluminum, plastic, copper and zinc. In addition to the sealant you need a spatula of appropriate size or a brush with which you can apply them.

Choose a dry day for the application and thoroughly clean the damaged area. Then simply apply the sealant to the damaged area with a brush or spatula. After a few hours, the mass has hardened.

Sealing tape for repairing major damage

With the repair options already mentioned, you will not get far with larger cracks and holes. Here you prefer to use a sealing tape that you also get at the hardware store. This is made of aluminum and is covered with a bituminous layer. In addition, they are provided on one side with a special adhesive. This makes it easy to assemble. For assembly, you also need a hot air blower.

In just three steps you have repaired the gutter:

Gründ Thoroughly clean the gutter – especially from the outside.

  •  Heat the sealing tape with the hot air blower.
  •  Attach the sealing tape to the outside of the gutter.

Tip: The tape reliably seals the damaged area immediately after installation.

You can also use such sealing tapes if you need to quickly seal a roof:

Adhesive tape – quick solution in winter

If, despite all precautions in the winter to damage the gutter by frost come, must be a quick and especially uncomplicated transitional solution ago. There are robust tapes on the market that can temporarily cover such cracks .

Note, however, that you need to properly repair the damage when it gets warmer again.

When should you hire a specialist?

For gutters made of metal, it is better from an aesthetic point of view to weld the damaged areas. If you have no experience with this, you should better have these tasks performed by a person with appropriate training. After all, you do not want to accidentally set the building on fire.

You should also leave the repair work to a specialist or specialist company if the gutter is at a high altitude. Roofers, for example, have the necessary equipment and experience to safely carry out work such as gutter repairs even at high altitudes.

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