Better remove snow from the greenhouse

Snow on greenhouse

Both the poles, the glass roof and the plants are under pressure when snow is in the greenhouse.

Snow on greenhouse
Snow on greenhouse – © Gina Sanders –

Snow has a high weight and therefore the construction of a greenhouse is very much required by the snow lying on it. Both the poles and the glass roof groan under the pressure of the snow, so you better remove snow from the greenhouse .

Light is reduced by snow
But also for the plants the removal of the snow is very important. The incidence of light is very short in winter and the sun has much less power. If the incidence of light, which predominantly takes place through the roof, is now also reduced by overlying snow, the exposure of the plants in the greenhouse once again decreases considerably.

Rule of thumb:
The rule of thumb is that whenever the power of the sun does not produce a melt of snow on the greenhouse roof, it is important to clear the roof.

In addition to snow removal, soot and dust particles are also removed from the roof of the greenhouse, which can also reduce the incidence of light. While snow on outdoor beds is popular because it protects the crops from intense frost damage in winter, it is harmful to the greenhouse roof for both the plants and the greenhouse itself.

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