Clean gutters – That’s how it’s done

Clean gutters

A garden does not just consist of plants that you have to cultivate in the flower beds. You also have to maintain the trappings. This includes the task of cleaning the gutters.

 Cleaning gutters is also part of gardening
Cleaning gutters is also part of gardening

Cleaning the gutter
Wherever there is a roof on, you will also find a roof or gutter so that the water can run in a coordinated manner. And it’s exactly these gutters that you have to check every now and then. Especially when trees are close by and make sure the gutter is blocked from time to time. If the gutter is full of leaves, on the one hand, the water can not drain properly and shoots over the gutter, on the other leaves can clog the downpipe. Therefore, you should regularly check your gutters and remove foreign bodies.

Clogging in the rain gutter
If rainwater flows over the rain gutter or if it drips slowly out of the fall pipe, then the gutter or downpipe is clogged. To clean the gutter and the downpipe you should proceed as follows:

  1. Always clean the gutter first.
  2. Then pour water into the downpipe from above.
  3. If the water from the downpipe flows out only very slowly, then it is clogged. So you have to clean this too. This is best done with a pipe spiral.

Lattices and nets
If you want to save yourself this annoying work, then you can attach grids or nets to the gutter, the leaves and branches no longer fall into the gutter and thus into the downpipe. If the house wall is planted with climbing plants, you should check it again and again, because these can damage the gutters and pipes solely by their power.

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