Correct bald spots in the lawn – 6 tips

Bald spots can be easily repaired 2
Bald spots can be easily repaired
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In summer, the lawn is usually very strained, so he has to recover in the fall. Now you have the opportunity to care for the bald spots in the lawn and to repair them again.

The weather conditions are ideal as the heat of the summer is still stored in the soil and the moisture added in the fall. This way, the lawn can grow very fast.

  1. However, the spots must be well relaxed beforehand. You can use a scarifier for this.
  2. If the soil is very loamy and heavy, you should still mix in sand.
  3. So that on the places no completely different lawn grows, one should also use the same seed mixture, if this is still to get.
  4. If it is a large bare area, then you should use a spreader to evenly distribute the turf.
  5. You can also cut out lawns in remote places and insert them here again.
  6. It is important that you fertilize the lawn well in the first few weeks and cover the seeds with some soil, so that the birds can not eat the grains.

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