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Cultivate Christmas rose

Cultivating Christmas roses – so you enjoy your plants for a long time

Hellebores can help you with the right care up to 30 years give pleasure. We have some hints for you, what with this plant...
Plant torch lily

Cultivate torch lily – for the most beautiful blooms in summer

If you have planted your torch lily in the right location, you will save a lot of work on the care. We’ll show you what you still need to keep in mind. Torch lilies (Kniphofia)...
forest goatee

Forest goat beard – species, use, care and propagation

With the forest goat beard get a very robust perennial in the garden. He makes no great demands on the care and can easily multiply. The forest goat beard (bot. Aruncus dioicus) is a long-lived...
poisonous perennials garden

8 very poisonous perennials in the garden

Poisonous perennials in the garden can cause symptoms of poisoning in humans and especially children. Our list shows 8 highly poisonous specimens. Perennials in the garden with their sonorous names, magnificent blossoms or enticing fruits...

Plant star moss – notes on soil and location

The star moss is a plant that can be planted both in the tub and in the garden. We show you what you need to consider. Sternmoos is a small, uncomplicated upholstery, which makes good...