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Cut raspberries

Cutting raspberries: Instructions for summer and autumn raspberries

We'll show you the differences in cutting summer and autumn varieties ... Cutting raspberries : Instructions for summer and autumn raspberries.
Fruit tree - pests

Pests on fruit trees

Pests on fruit trees make so many hobby gardeners to create. What are these and what you can do, our little guide tells us.
store potatoes and onions

Potatoes and onions should not be stored together!

However, both should not be kept together. Also onions should be stored dark, cool and frost-free. So it makes sense to store both together . However, you should not do this because the onions...
Cut plum trees correctly

Cutting plum trees – How to do it right

Fruit trees are ideal for medium to large gardens. Apples, pears or cherries are the varieties most commonly found. But the plum is also welcome. So that plum trees are not too big and always bear particularly...
Quince trees also need to be cut

Quince tree cutting – Timing & instructions for the cut

For a long time forgotten, he is experiencing a comeback today: the quince tree. If you buy one, you also have to cut it. Our guide shows how it is done. Quince trees were not widely...
Peach trees need to be cut regularly

Cut peach tree – That’s how it’s done

If you want your peach tree to bear fruit in the next year, you have to cut it. But beware, there is a lot to note. In gardens, the peach tree is one of the most popular...