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Cultivate Christmas rose

Cultivating Christmas roses – so you enjoy your plants for a long time

Hellebores can help you with the right care up to 30 years give pleasure. We have some hints for you, what with this plant...
Witch hazel

Witch hazel: varieties and their characteristics at a glance

As with many other plants, there are also different types of witch hazel. What these are, shows our little overview.
Real aloe

Real aloe – care of ornamental and medicinal plant

How to repot, pour and fertilize the Real Aloe vera, as well as further care tips on location and substrate, can be found in this guide.
Gold larch bonsai multiply

Gold larch bonsai multiply: 2 options in comparison

If you want to raise your golden larch as bonsai, you have two options. We'll show you which ones are and how to do them properly.
Cut raspberries

Cutting raspberries: Instructions for summer and autumn raspberries

We'll show you the differences in cutting summer and autumn varieties ... Cutting raspberries : Instructions for summer and autumn raspberries.
Field horsetail grows practically everywhere in our latitudes

Field horsetail: Tips for cultivation and use

You can easily grow field horsetails in the garden yourself. How to do that, and how to use Field Horsetail , read here.
Fruit tree - pests

Pests on fruit trees

Pests on fruit trees make so many hobby gardeners to create. What are these and what you can do, our little guide tells us.

Transplant roses – time and instructions

You can always implement roses throughout the year. However, the best time to transplant is in autumn - from mid-October to early December. Two main reasons suggest this step. So the roses can grow...
To multiply Japanese cedar fir

Increase Japanese Cedar – 2 methods in comparison

The Japanese Cedar Fir grows fast and can easily be propagated. As a hedge, it can provide an ideal privacy in your garden.
store potatoes and onions

Potatoes and onions should not be stored together!

However, both should not be kept together. Also onions should be stored dark, cool and frost-free. So it makes sense to store both together . However, you should not do this because the onions...