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Select house tree and plant

Plant a house tree – The traditional custom

Planting a house tree is a traditional custom that is not widely known. The house tree should radiate protection. Suitable are high tribes and...
Wooden garden furniture needs a little care

Wooden garden furniture – 5 care tips

Wooden garden furniture is especially popular because it looks a lot better than plastic furniture. These garden furniture require special care. More...
Pool border ideas - wood

Pool border: 6 ideas for a stylish look at the pool

Wood and tiles are the most common materials used as pool surrounds. There are other possibilities that even create a significant reduction in workload. Lie by the pool, dangle your legs in the water and...
Wooden Decking - Overview and Comparison

WPC decking: An overview of the advantages of the boards

In recent years, a terrace material has found many lovers: the WPC decking. What advantages they offer, we have listed here once. Terrace and balcony surfaces are nowadays covered with a variety of materials, with...
Building a massive wooden bench yourself - material, instructions & tips

Building a massive wooden bench yourself – material, instructions & tips

Massive wooden benches have their own charm. If you are also self-built then you can be very proud. With our instructions it works guaranteed. Plastic benches are good, without question. But depending on the build quality, they...
Green roofs are good for the environment

Garden house roof planting – instructions for an environmentally friendly green roof

Most garden houses always look the same on the roof: roofing felt or an aluminum sheet seems to be the first choice. With a planted green roof you show your green thumb. A garden house...
money wort

Plant pavement joints instead of cleaning: Instructions and suitable joint plants presented

If you have paved paths or a paved terrace, you must permanently clean the joints. Annoying, right? Stop the stress and plant the joints. There is probably no more annoying work than cleaning pavement joints . Since you think...
stone garden perennials

Create a rock garden with perennials

In the rock garden small mountain landscapes are modeled. In addition to the selection of stones, suitable perennials play an important role. A rock garden, that can be a gravel garden, a planted drywall or...