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Wasps love grapes

Ground wasps: detect soil wasp nest and remove it safely

Again and again there are unpleasant encounters between wasps and garden owners. We explain how you should recognize the wasps and deal with their nests. Something is moving underground, remember, just before the black and...
Black bean louse

Aphids: species & different control methods

Aphids – they come from nowhere and can cause enormous damage to the beloved plants in the garden. Here is an overview of what species exist and how they can be combated. Aphids are among...
Lure ladybug in the garden

Lure ladybug in the garden – so you get the beneficial insect in the garden

Ladybugs are not only good luck, they are also useful. For example, they call the fight against aphids and spider mites. Therefore, it makes sense to lure ladybugs in the garden. Ladybugs can also bring good...