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Snow on greenhouse

Better remove snow from the greenhouse

Both the poles and the glass roof groan under the pressure of the snow, so you better remove snow from the greenhouse...
harvest fruit

Tips for the fruit harvest

Reap own fruit is a fine thing, but at the fruit harvest should note some order not to damage the trees and the fruit right...
Grow vegetable seeds yourself

Grow vegetable seeds yourself

Who grows vegetables in the garden, should not only harvest the vegetables themselves, but also the seeds. So you do not have new seeds every year...
picket fence swinging

Garden fence of a different kind: 5 unusual ideas for your plot

But which garden fence fits to the property ? Surely you can put on the classics like the picket fence or fence panels made of metal here.
Germination test - worth the sowing at all?

Germination test – worth the sowing at all?

If you want to find out if seeds still good enough for sowing are, then you can have a very simple make germination test. More on this...
Trees too high - what to do?

Tree roots from the neighboring property cause damage

Tree roots from the neighboring property can cause damage. Who has to eliminate and pay for them? Can you remove the roots? Find out here...
Kids playing in apple garden

Safety for children in the garden

When it comes to child safety in the garden, you immediately think of a garden pond. But this is not the only source of danger. Also poisonous plants...
Growing Bamboo

Root barrier for bamboo prevents usury

Root barrier for bamboo prevents usury. Bamboo is a decent plant, but it can dispute the habitat of other plants. To prevent this from happening, it makes sense to install a root barrier in...
Marigolds sow themselves

3 tips to make self-sowing work

Some plants in the garden multiply by self-sowing. But it happens that this Selbstaussaat does not work. What you can do you will learn...
Sometimes the seed does not work

The seed does not work – 5 rules bring help

The seed does not open, so complains many garden owners. You can find out why and what you can do here. Read more now.