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Build composters - location, material and filling

Build composters – location, material and filling

A composter has many advantages and should not be missing in any garden. We'll show you how to easily build a compost bin yourself ...
Cut hedge

Cutting hedge: What is allowed when?

If you cut your hedge without first familiarizing yourself with the legal requirements, you risk a fine. Because this is not...
Clean gutters

Clean gutters – That’s how it’s done

Garden maintenance also includes cleaning the gutter. But there are also ways you can spare yourself. Which means you can find out...
Winterize the garden pond

Winterizing the garden pond – observe 3 rules!

How do you make a garden pond winter proof and how do my fish survive the winter? Just take note of our 3 golden rules!
Renter: Who pays for gardening - tenants or landlords

Nursing care: Who is responsible – tenant or landlord?

Tenants of an apartment with garden do not always know who is responsible for the care. We explain when the tenant or landlord is responsible. A private garden is a dream many tenants can not...

Lawn mower: 4 types and their advantages and disadvantages presented

Every gardener needs one, but nobody really knows which one is right: we’re talking about a lawnmower. Here, therefore, presented the 4 “basic” models and their advantages and disadvantages. While we used to only have...

Gaps in the lawn – causes and repair

The most enjoyable lawn is when it is beautiful to look at and has no gaps. I’ll show you 5 ways you can fill in gaps. Barbecues with friends, the building of the swing in...
Bald spots can be easily repaired 2

Correct bald spots in the lawn – 6 tips

In summer, the lawn is usually very strained, so he has to recover in the fall. Now you have the opportunity to care for the bald spots in the lawn and to repair them again. The weather conditions are...

Loosen and improve compacted soil

A compacted soil is a sick soil. How to give him new life, you will find out here. There is no ideal soil for the garden plants known to us. After all, the respective plants make...