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Cultivate Christmas rose

Cultivating Christmas roses – so you enjoy your plants for a long time

Hellebores can help you with the right care up to 30 years give pleasure. We have some hints for you, what with this plant...

Witch hazel

Witch hazel: varieties and their characteristics at a glance

As with many other plants, there are also different types of witch hazel. What these are, shows our little overview.

Build composters - location, material and filling

Build composters – location, material and filling

A composter has many advantages and should not be missing in any garden. We'll show you how to easily build a compost bin yourself ...

Real aloe

Real aloe – care of ornamental and medicinal plant

How to repot, pour and fertilize the Real Aloe vera, as well as further care tips on location and substrate, can be found in this guide.

Cut hedge

Cutting hedge: What is allowed when?

If you cut your hedge without first familiarizing yourself with the legal requirements, you risk a fine. Because this is not...

Snow on greenhouse

Better remove snow from the greenhouse

Both the poles and the glass roof groan under the pressure of the snow, so you better remove snow from the greenhouse...

harvest fruit

Tips for the fruit harvest

Reap own fruit is a fine thing, but at the fruit harvest should note some order not to damage the trees and the fruit right...

Grow vegetable seeds yourself

Grow vegetable seeds yourself

Who grows vegetables in the garden, should not only harvest the vegetables themselves, but also the seeds. So you do not have new seeds every year...

picket fence swinging

Garden fence of a different kind: 5 unusual ideas for your plot

But which garden fence fits to the property ? Surely you can put on the classics like the picket fence or fence panels made of metal here.

Germination test - worth the sowing at all?

Germination test – worth the sowing at all?

If you want to find out if seeds still good enough for sowing are, then you can have a very simple make germination test. More on this...